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Daily Star: Foot-to-ballers Addicted To Games

Rock, Paper, Shotgun's favourite rent-a-quote anti-gamer Steve Pope has reappeared in the news, this time to announce that professional football players are dangerously addicted to videogames. The "sports psychotherapist", so far unwilling to provide any evidence for his previous claims, informs the Daily Star (famously accurate on gaming related matters) that players from Manchester United, Chelsea, Spurs and Arsenal are all in trouble.

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UK TV vs Videogames: A One-Sided Fight

If you're a fellow Britisher, you may have caught a staggeringly unpleasant, one-sided and sensationalist half-hour of fact-free garbage on ITV earlier tonight. It's about videogames and addiction, and because a handful of young people they document demonstrate significant emotional or social problems and play videogames a lot, this of course means games are monstrously addictive with tragic long-term consequences. It couldn't possibly be that…

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Thought Experiment: Games and addiction.

Watching the presentation about how playing WoW for sixteen hours a day, every day, is fine, presumably at DenialFest. Enormously annoying. Yes, games - as a new media - are attacked simply because they're new media, the same as all new media throughout all history. Yes, the Daily Mail profits off their constant scare-mongering, and pretty much the whole media follow it. Yes, parents can…

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What Is The Truth About Gaming Addiction?

[This piece originally appeared in PC Gamer six months ago. It's the result of about four months of investigation into the connections between PC gaming and addiction. I interviewed some of those leading the field in treatment for what they believe to be gaming addiction (including Keith Bakker, head of the Smith And Jones Center in Holland, famous for being the first to offer treatment…

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