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Feature: The Sating Of Horace

Merry Christmas Readers! The Complete 2013 Calendar

And there it is. Our top 24 games of 2013, tucked behind Horace's mighty doors. Click on any of the doors above to see what lay beyond, and then tell us in the comments here why we're all so stupid, ugly and wrong. Or wish us a merry season! See below for what's happening over the next couple of weeks.

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Feature: GAME OF THE YEAR 2013

The Amazing & Astonishing RPS Advent Calendar: Day 24

This is it. The 24th door. The panel behind which every developer on Earth desperately hopes to be. Last year it was Far Cry 3. In 2011 it was Skyrim. 2010 saw Minecraft grab it, 2009 went to Dragon Age, in 2008 it was World Of Goo, and the very first was Portal in 2007.So what is it this time? Did you guess?

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Feature: A Festive Feast

The Amazing & Astonishing RPS Advent Calendar: Day 9

The elves at the North Pole are unionising and some have even begun to strike at the front of Daddy Chrimble's toy factory. It's all on account of the latest addition to the machine room floor. They say its gears hunger for little elven fingers and they refuse to go near. Let's take a look and see what all the fuss is about.

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