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Bertram Fiddle returns in punny murder mystery A Bleaker Predicklement

Bleaker Predicklement

The second episode of the punny Victorian London point-and-click game the Adventures of Bertram Fiddle [official site] is is out now, with plenty of riddles, tea-drinking and strangely-shaped noses. A Bleaker Predicklement follows on from the events of 2015’s A Dreadly Business and it’s “almost quadruple the size” of that outing, say developers Rumpus.

Mr Fiddle is a well-to-do adventurer with waistcoat and a bow tie who’s fallen on hard times. Funding for expeditions has dried up so he’s taken a job as a soap factory to make ends meet, but he soon gets caught up in a murder mystery and has to track down the killer. That involves trudging around the big smoke speaking to lots of suspicious folk, battling monsters and solving puzzles.

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