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Prof Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax

My fingers are shaking I type this. I'm not sure exactly what I'm posting, other than it's a surreal advert for Saint's Row: The Third. I have a vague fear that it might be attempting to subliminally control me, but I feel fine so far. Anyway, I showed it to John and he demanded we share it with you. And that everyone buys 12 copies…

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Ad Nauseum

After spending the weekend leafing through my musty, dusty, collection of ZX Spectrum mags (woodlice prefer Your Sinclair) I've come to the depressing conclusion that the games industry has forgotten how to design great print ads. Open any recent PC periodical and - assuming you can find a games ad amongst the dull hardware hawking - you'll see what I'm on about. Stilted renders, soulless…

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