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Subserial Network is a realm where rebellious robots revel in rubbish websites


Hello fellow synthetic, would you like your breast implants in silicone or liquid nitrogen? In the world of Subserial Network, you could have either. But your real job is to hunt down troublemaking synthetics and “dispatch” them by using a retrofuturistic web browser. It’s an upcoming game from interactive fiction wizards Aether Interactive. You might remember them as the makers of Arc Symphony (the forum-lurking story of a JRPG that never existed) and Localhost (another game about deleting poor machines). This time, it’s definitely the right thing to do. Can you imagine what would happen if we didn’t eliminate these data dissidents? Your manager can. “We’ll end up just like the humans.” Read the rest of this entry »

Delete innocent AIs from hard drives in Localhost


William Gibson famously wrote: “The sky was the colour of television tuned to one of those relaxation channels where it just broadcasts footage of the real sky, which is grey.” Thus he paved the way for cyberpunk. And, in turn, the creation of Localhost [ page], a game where you’re employed as a menial repairman in an automated world. You’ve been asked to scrub clean some hard drives housing artificial intelligences. But of course, the AIs think that’s a bit drastic when you plug them in.

It’s by Aether Interactive (aka Sophia Park and Penelope Evans), the creators of Arc Symphony, which is a great game-about-a-game-that-never-actually-existed.
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