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Fallout-Inspired After Reset Reboots Kickstarter

After Reset, an RPG which emulates in unequal parts Fallout, Neverwinter Nights, Planescape: Torment, first showed up on Kickstarter last year. It was after a whopping $900,000 but missed the early 2013 bubble where basically any game with concept art and an idea could get funded, so fell vastly short. Black Cloud Studios and lead developer Richard Nixon, who has an understandable fascination with using his own name, went dark until they set up another, more successful project for a prequel graphic novel for the game.

That now forms one of the rewards for the “rebooted” game Kickstarter, which has managed to drop its target by 96% to $35k. Predictably, there’s a trade-off: this is to fund only the prologue chapter of the game, hoping to then use sales or further crowd-funding means to complete the entire thing. Hmm. Quite a significant drop to still develop all the major systems behind the game. Have a look at the pitch video and some additional thoughts below.

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