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Afterfall: InSanity Demo, w/ Preorder: Insanity

Quick, let me throw away my dollar first!

Remember Adam’s time with Afterfall: Insanity? Well, you can see for yourself if he was right to struggle to get along with its peculiar ways. How? By what means is such a thing possible, you ask, leaning over your spectacles in utter astonishment. By the means of a demo!

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Impressions: Afterfall: InSanity

Is that the most awesomely right angled kick in history or do my eyes deceive me?

Afterfall: InSanity is an independently developed, Unreal powered third person action-horror game. It’s available to preorder for a mere $1 at the moment, but unless 9,980,000 more copies are sold before release on November 25th you’ll rather dubiously end up paying the full amount of $33.90. I’m not making that massive figure up by the way, though I am rounding it to the nearest 10,000. The $1 will go to charity at least. So, fancy donating some money? Good on you. There’s loads of charities out there. But I’m here to tell you about the game.

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Why Not Just Call It Afterfall?

Grim dark grim dark grim dark grim dark grim dark grim dark grim

Oh dear, I really am very grumpy today. I fear for how misanthropic my posts will be come this day’s end. Let all quail before my bloodless semi-wrath! Next is Afterfall: InSanity, which we last posted about almost a year ago and which manages three notations in my Almanac of Cliche within seconds of watching its pre-launch trailer. Number 1! Forgettably meaningless Something: Subtitle naming structure. Number 2! Pointless grammatical abuSe in its title, usually intended to make the name stand out in write-ups (e.g. RAGE, F.E.A.R.). It is thus our job to only ever refer to it and similar offenders using standard sentence structure, and resist the foul case-mangling of these marketeers. Number 3! Random, insensible whispering as an attempt to induce terror.

The Polish-made, Unreal engine-based horror shooter has just had a November release date stuck to it, and features guns, screaming, the sounds of metal on flesh, heavy rock and some manner of robot. Doesn’t look like my kind of thing, because I am 32 years old. Perhaps it’s of more interest to you?
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Shock, Horror – Afterfall Coming 2011

I like the guy on the far right.

This April, Jim sluggishly wobbled into action when German publishers The Game Company announced they’d be publishing a Polish 3rd person survival horror shooter called Afterfall: Insanity. This morning, we got a press release from German publishers Just A Game will be publishing Afterfall: Insanity in 2011. Why? Oh. Turns out The Game Company declared insolvency earlier this year. They will be missed.

The new press release has more details on Afterfall’s “sinister post-apocalyptic setting” and “very sophisticated story”. RPS readers! I hereby invite you to be the judge of that.
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Dev To Make Shooter With Horror Themes

Splendidly-named Polish developer Nicolas Intoxicate have announced they’ll be publishing an Unreal-powered horror shooter called Afterfall: Insanity via German publishers The Game Company. That’s pretty much all I’ve got, but I just liked the screenshot of some armoured dude wearing what look like fairy-wings. Yeah.