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Feature: Helter Shelter

Impressions: Afterfall: InSanity

Afterfall: InSanity is an independently developed, Unreal powered third person action-horror game. It's available to preorder for a mere $1 at the moment, but unless 9,980,000 more copies are sold before release on November 25th you'll rather dubiously end up paying the full amount of $33.90. I'm not making that massive figure up by the way, though I am rounding it to the nearest 10,000.…

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Why Not Just Call It Afterfall?

Oh dear, I really am very grumpy today. I fear for how misanthropic my posts will be come this day's end. Let all quail before my bloodless semi-wrath! Next is Afterfall: InSanity, which we last posted about almost a year ago and which manages three notations in my Almanac of Cliche within seconds of watching its pre-launch trailer. Number 1! Forgettably meaningless Something: Subtitle naming…

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Shock, Horror – Afterfall Coming 2011

This April, Jim sluggishly wobbled into action when German publishers The Game Company announced they’d be publishing a Polish 3rd person survival horror shooter called Afterfall: Insanity. This morning, we got a press release from German publishers Just A Game will be publishing Afterfall: Insanity in 2011. Why? Oh. Turns out The Game Company declared insolvency earlier this year. They will be missed. The new…

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