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Money For Old Europa: For The Glory Demo

Lothian is going to be my bitch. You heard, Lothian. You heard. I have no idea where lothian is. I'll ask Rab.

I enjoy posting this immediately after Jim’s last post on the future of modding. Paradox have just released the For The Glory demo, based on their Europa Universalis game. Which is expected. Except despite them having released Europa Universalis III, this is a standalone game covering 400 (Count ’em!) years of history based on the Europa Universalis II engine. Crikey. The mod link is that it’s based on the AGCEEP mod, which I’ll admit I have even less experience with than Europa Universalis itself. And when I’ve never played Europa Universalis, I’m not even sure that’s possible. Still – 10,000 historical events. Crikey! Crikey! Anyway – demo’s here and the full version can be bought here. Oh – and a video!
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