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Pirarsey: Age of Booty Demo

Capcom do like that there PC. Well received Capcom-published Certain-affinity developed Pirate game Age of Booty has just had its demo released. Which makes this a great day for fans... of... booty. I'm sorry, I have to stop the post before we descend to a frenzy of buttocks-related gags. Watch the trailer while we try to control ourselves.

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E3: The Trailers – Age Of Booty

I know exactly why you're reading this post. And it's exactly the same reason I clicked on the video. You're in for a terrible disappointment, I'm afraid.But once that's done you might become semi-excited anew, this time at the prospect of a semi-casual hex-based strategy game about pirates. It's an XBLA jobbie that's coming to PC, and while it's trying a bit too hard in…

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