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Britishers, Unite For Internet Justice

Oh Mandy.

The current British government and its friends in the entertainment industry want the power to regulate what we download – and to punish us if they don’t like it. This must not be; while the Digital Economy Bill is posited as protection of copyrighted content – an anti-piracy measure, in other words – its proposed changes to copyright ilaws are terrifying on a level far beyond Bittorrent. You must take a stand against it. Doing so takes about a minute.
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Oiligarcy: Crude Oil Meets Crude Politics

If my political party had the symbol of a donkey, I'd dissolve it, and then form another party with the symbol of an animal worth believing in.

Jim forwarded this to me at the weekend, in one of RPS’ usual “this is for Kieron”isms. Which normally means, it either involves ridiculous sex acts or student-level politics. This is one of the latter, and feeds in the current trend of agit-prop I’ve been playing. It’s called Oiligarcy and is about being an evil plutocrat oil baron trying to manipulate democracy and maximize profits. MANIPULATING DEMOCRACY AND MAXIMIZING PROFITS IS MY FAVOURITE THINGS. Some impressions beneath the cut.
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Cooking Mamarrrrrrrggggghhhh!

She's mental, that cooking noticed that PETA have crafted a piece of Thanksgiving Agitprop. It’s based around the popular DS game Cooking Mama games, and is cunningly entitled Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals. You can play online, download it or go beneath the cut and find the embeddable version – alongside a gallery of our favourite flesh-rending moments and a few thoughts. And a Turkey fact PETA didn’t mention in their game. Man!
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