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The Flare Path: Sitting Bull, Hovering Hind

Last year’s most thought-provoking and conscience-chafing wargaming decision involved Nazi party membership. This year’s involves opening fire on a Native American village presumably full of women and children as well as warriors. Desperate Glory: Last Stand at the Little Bighorn┬áis the latest piece of historical hexiana from Jeff Lapkoff aka Digital Gameworks. Fond of modelling asymmetrical aggro and seldom-gamed scraps, Jeff’s new design encourages wargamers to examine the electrifying events of June 25-26, 1876 through various interpretative lenses and – happily for anyone unwilling to role-play the flaxen-haired architect of the Battle of Washita River – from both Seventh Cavalry and Sioux/Cheyenne perspectives.

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