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Further Change / Show Us Your Games

It’s a big day for RPS – ‘big’ as in ‘we will hopefully no longer have to eat our own toes for sustenance.’ It’s a big day for me too, in exactly the same way. Today was my first day roaming the halls of as their scruffy new Deputy Editor. If you don’t know the site, you should – it offers smart and sober coverage of the games industry itself, from an objective and high-accuracy perspective. This means I will be dealing in a strange new currency, rarely to be found on RPS – ‘facts.’ I will be rounding up many of these ‘facts’ on a daily basis at, as well as nervously talking to some astonishingly important people.

This means I am handing in my RPS badge and gun effective immediately.

Nah, only kidding. I wouldn’t take any job that kept me away from this place. Could do with a hand, though. By which I mean ‘games’.
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