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Feature: End of a Meera

The RPS OMeerbus: Alec’s least-worst writing

I am a strict adherent of Writer's Law, which means that I am duty-bound to absolutely despise anything I've written within five minutes of publishing it. Hence, all blood drained from my body and I let loose a desperate, whining howl of pure anguish when, to commemorate my impending departure, Graham asked me to compile a selection of what I considered to be my best…

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Destroy All Books: Pretty Action-RPG Quote Announced

"Author is dead," quipped Roland Barthes in his Killer Is Dead self-insert fanfic after decapitating the insectoid moonbreast Will Self had transformed into. But killing the author's no good if their insidious books are still out there. Luckily, Quote [official site] will pick up Barthes's slack. It's an action-RPG set in a world pacified after the god of ignorance banished books and knowledge but -…

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