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Cartoony Free Retro FPS: Blobby Boys 3D

I may pretend I’m above nostalgia, being disinterested in the floods of retro platformers and RPGs, but in truth the wave of nostalgia simply misses what I semi-embarrassedly remember fondly from my formative years. Wonky shareware FPSs and drug dealing games were more up my skeezy alley (I was a well edgy teen, yeah?), supped from cover discs and passed around on copied floppies. Blobby Boys 3D [official site] combines those two.

Blobby Boys 3D is a free short FPS set in a colourful cartoon world with a mix of 2D sprites and 3D art, where you’re out to sell drugs, make money, and kill the big boss. The FPSing is wonky and the drug-dealing window dressing, but it’s charming and stylish.

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