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Monster Closets: Alien Hallway Demoified

only 'Warface' has a better name'

Already my favourite bad game-name of 2011 (yeah, it was released in December, but shuddup, and your mum smells), Team Sigma’s ‘Alien Hallway’ has just popped out a little demo for you to try. No need to make your mind up about buying Extraterrestrial Corridor based on videos alone – the demo offers the first half-dozen or so levels, three units and assorted upgrades. A few thoughts on Spacebeast Passageway below…
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First On The Left: Alien Hallway

School hallway, the prequel, was much less interesting.
We’re used to corridor shooters, but corridor strategies? That’s what Sigma Team (they of Alien Shooter) are up to with Alien Hallway. It takes place in… a… hallway. Yes. Aliens are attacking and you have to use your mind to organise the defense. Of the hallway. Sort of tower defence with creeps on both sides, or something, single path sort of DOTA thing. Yeah, it actually looks about a million times more fun than I am making it sound. I’m terrible at this. Go watch the video, below.

Alien Hallway is out now. (News via Blues! Love you, Blue.)
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