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Alpha Colony Kickstarter Fails By $28, Dev Is Sorta Glad

The videogames tragedy of the weekend appeared to be the second Kickstarter failure of the Catan and M.U.L.E.-inspired Alpha Colony, which reached its deadline with just twenty-eight piffling dollars left to earn if it was to gain its $50,000 funding. This seems powerfully heartbreaking, and much discussion has centered around why the dev couldn’t find a small fistful of dollars from somewhere to take the “family-friendly exploration, building and trading sim game” over the line. For its part, Kickstarter has declined to bend its rules and fund the project anyway – which seems mean but is, I think, the right decision if it doesn’t want to open an explosive can of precedent worms.

Turns out they didn’t entirely want the Kickstarter to succeed anyway, disappointed though they may be.
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