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Freeeeowwwww: Altitude0

Whip your plane back and forth.
The trailer for arcade flying game Altitude0 [sic] begins with the question: “Flying… looks easy?”. Now I’d like to challenge that very notion right away, because flying does not look easy. It doesn’t because it isn’t. I can say this with 100% certainty because I am currently not flying. I tried and landed in my neighbour’s prized azaleas* and my neighbours are angry and I’ve lost my security deposit. That challenge is made because Altitude0 thinks it needs to claim that its version of flying, where you speed very quickly through very low gates, is adding the challenge back into the world of flight. I’d have pointed out how bloody hard it is in the first place, and that doing it at this speed is ridiculous. It’s not easy, but it is multiplayer, free-to-play, and out now.
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Altitude0 Is About Planes, And Not Cows

Get out, cow!

If you’ve got a really decent looking indie arcade flight game, a great way not to promote it would be to, say, have the first have of your trailer feature a cartoon cow pratting around for no damn reason. That would be an especially strange idea when your game is about flying small aircraft between slalom poles in a gorgeous engine, because that’s what you’d want to show up from so people got excited. Not a poorly rendered cow making stupid noises for 40 seconds. That’s a useful tip for any indies out there planning such a thing. Including Gugila, creators of the genuinely impressive looking Altitude0.

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