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AMD Navi GPUs could be revealed as early as next week

Well, so much for waiting until June for the reveal of AMD's Navi GPUs at their big E3 event, as the latest rumours suggest we could see two Navi GPUs announce themselves to the world in less than a week - mostly likely when AMD take to the stage at this year's big Computex tech show over in Taiwan. Codenamed the Navi XT and Navi…

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AMD’s Navi GPU release date will likely coincide with new Ryzen CPUs later this summer

AMD's Navi GPUs are almost here, but they won't be the only big AMD launch happening sometime between July and September. As confirmed by AMD top lady Dr Lisa Su at their recent Annual Shareholder Meeting, Navi's release date will also coincide with the launch of their new Ryzen 3000-series of CPUs. Both launches are set to take place during what business types like to…

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