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2000+ Amiga Games To Play For Free In Your Browser

The Internet Archive has previously made banks of emulated games available to play in your browser – from the DOS era, from arcade machines, from Ataris and Segas and other old consoles – but none of that tickled my thumbs much. That they’ve just added 2000+ Amiga games, however, has me reaching for my Zip Stick. From Lemmings 2: The Tribes to R-Type, these were the games of my youth.

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New Commodore 64 Priced Wait What?

This is what a cheat code used to look like.

Younger readers won’t remember the C64. That’s why I hate them. They won’t remember games only loading if the volume was correct on your tape cassette player. They won’t remember waiting 20 minutes through grinding noises and mad screens for the game to crash the moment it tried to start. Instead they’ll complain because the company logo splash screen takes too long to fade. (I mean, I do too – I like to keep my complaining as up-to-date as possible.) But for those of us crooked of back enough to remember that beige-brown box, the news is that the remake we’ve previously mentioned now has a price and is taking pre-orders. You can buy a Commodore 64 again, this time with a current-day PC in their tummies.

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Amiga Power To The People

Ultrowin, indeed.
[Doing some invoicing, I find a reference to the following. It was commissioned as part of a larger retro feature for PC Gamer which never quite came together, but stands alone well enough to lob it up here with a few tweaks. Because there’s more to “PC” than IBM’s descendants…]

I didn’t have a PC when I was a teenager, in the early nineties. If you’re reading this today, and are a Brit, in all probability you didn’t either. You wouldn’t have been able to afford it. Any PC whatsoever was over a grand, without even considering fifteen year’s inflation.

You’d have owned an Amiga. You’d have loved it.
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