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The Starving Nerd

Not pictured: the screaming, the weeping, the begging of the internetless man

They call them RSS feeds for a reason. They’re literal nourishment-via-infoflow, and my brain has come all-too accustomed to a continual piecemeal digestion of pop culture via several dozen feeds. It’s now been cut off for the best part of two weeks, which goes some way to explaining the lack of Jim Rossignol-authored posts on this here Rock, Paper, Shotgun. But it’s worse than that: I’m fairly sure that I’ve suffered more than simple discomfort of the attention-span in the passing days – it’s far closer to come kind of physiological deficit, like the hunger meat-eaters get if suddenly forced to live on nothing but cereal and apples. Genuine sustenance seems beyond my reach. I hunger, and like the hobo I am, I’ve been squatting in other people’s offices, leeching off their wifi and stealing their leftover savegames out of the recycle bin. (Not really, but I wanted to run with the analogy.) Anyway…
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