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Chivalry Is Not Dead

Here’s a charming free thinger to help you through the weekend. Chivalry Is Not Dead (apologies if you’ve seen it before, I know it’s been around for a few weeks already) is a non-linear point’n’click adventure game. Well, it is linear, in terms of having a start and an end, but you choose that end, and the line that takes you to it. And when I say line, I mean squiggly, mishappen, cheerful scribble.

Rather than each of its puzzles having a single set solution, there are multiple options for most, which in turn affect your potential hi-jinks from then on. Yeah, much like a Planescape or a Deus Ex, but far more unfettered (and, as is obvious from the screenshot, far less serious), and with entirely optional baddie-stabbing. Read the rest of this entry »