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Apple’s Magic Trackpad & PC Games

Almost put up a blurry picture of my trackpad with my cat. Decided against it

I did a bad thing. I bought an Apple Magic Trackpad. I know, I know! In my defense, I intend to use it with a PC rather than a Mac, and I bought it primarily to try and ease up a nasty bout of RSI. The latter hasn’t worked one bit, so now I really have to work on justifying the former.

If you’re not aware of it – briefly, it’s an oversized multitouch trackpad, like you’d usually find on a laptop but strangely reimagined as a standalone Bluetooth unit that looks a bit like a desktop calendar that’s run out of pages. Though many (i.e. one person) have called me a fool for even trying, I have also gamed on it successfully. Somewhat.
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