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Shardlight dev’s steampunk-y adventure Lamplight City still looks neat

A new calendar year means games which seemed impossibly far away are now really quite close. Here comes Lamplight City, the next adventure game from the creator of A Golden Wake and Shardlight, flexing and doing some warm-up marketing stretches with a new trailer ahead of its launch in a few months. After tripping through the roaring ’30s then our dystopian future, Francisco Gonzalez is off to the steampunk-y 19th century in Lamplight City, where we’ll play as a private investigator solving cases while hunting for his former partner’s murderer. I do like solving crimes and it sounds like this will offer a fair bit of freedom in how we approach them. Here, watch: Read the rest of this entry »

The Merry End Of The World In Unforeseen Incidents

The end of humanity is nigh but ah, there’s always time for a few giggles. Unforeseen Incidents [official site] is an upcoming adventure game set just before the end of the world, with a deadly virus sweeping the globe and some strange conspiracy afoot. As most adventure games seem to be, it’s inspired by lightheared ’90s adventures. Unforeseen Incidents comes to my attention through its Steam Greenlight campaign but what’s caught my eye is the pleasing sketchy art style. Go on, have a look – I’m especially fond of that petrol station sign and the ovoid pool balls.

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