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Deathloop introduces two of your eight assassination targets

Time loop FPS Deathloop debuted a new trailer during today's PlayStation 5 showcase to introduce a few of those assassination targets you'll be setting out to put in the ground. Your protagonist Colt has eight total targets to deal with if he wants to break out of the time loop affecting Blackreef, an island broken up into districts a bit like Dunwall of Arkane's previous…

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Arkane’s Deathloop has been delayed into 2021

Time might be on the side of Deathloop's groundhog-day killer Colt, but the same doesn't ring quite as true for developers Arkane. Citing a shaky transition into remote working and a need for more time to polish up bloody vacation hotspot Blackreef, Arkane today announced that their time-looping stab 'em up will no longer arrive this winter, and will instead launch sometime next year.

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Deathloop’s recursive assassinations arrive on PC this winter

For Deathloop's unfortunate leading man, getting shot in the gut is simply another learning opportunity. Following its brief cinematic showing at E3 last year, Bethesda finally gave us a bloody good look at Arkane Lyon's time-locked assassin during tonight's PlayStation 5 reveal stream - a slick-as-hell recursive bloodbath that's bringing supernatural hunter-vs-hunted showdowns to PC this winter.

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Arkane are giving away Arx Fatalis to celebrate their 20th anniversary

Break out the party poppers - Prey and Dishonored developers Arkane Studios turns 20 years old this year. Well, sort of. The studio may have been founded in '99, but who am I to ruin a party? To celebrate two decades of sneaking, stabbing, and all-round immersive sim'ing, Arkane are dusting off the oldest book on their shelf by giving away free copies of the…

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Deathloop is the next game from the Dishonored gang

Arkane Studios, the gang behind Dishonored and the new Prey, tonight announced their latest game, a first-person shooter trapped in a deadly time loop - hence the name Deathloop. I mean, I'm assuming it's a time loop but details are real thin for now. It's definitely set in some sort of loop, on a weird sci-fi island where two assassins are forever murdering each other.…

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