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Arms Of Telos’ Dev Diaries Are Fascinating

Arms of Telos [official site] (formerly just Telos) is a fast 5v5 arena FPS with the ambitious aim of “rethinking the competitive first person shooter.” While the core revolves around a classic Capture the Flag mode, it’s trying to innovate on everything else, from movement to weapons, and the bright and colourful environment are also a welcome change compared to the “mature” greys of the genre’s staples.

It’s still in the pre-alpha stage of development, but it has already managed to gather a small and dedicated community. There are dev diares aplenty, and I love them because it’s the closest I’ll ever get to playing anything like it.

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Telos Re-thinks The Competitive FPS, Adds Spidermechs

I will kill things here.

I love the purity of the fast-paced deathmatch shooter, and I’ll drunkenly slam my fists down on any pub table in the country while shouting about the beauty of Quake 3: Arena. I’m a little sad though that so few games are trying to move that style of game in new directions.

I’m consequently excited by Telos, an in-development fast-paced first-person shooter about two-storey tall spidermechs with grappling hooks fighting in partially zero-g levels built out of abstract, purple shapes. Video below.

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