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Feature: Densetsu no Grimrock

Hyakki Castle review

It’s almost impossible to talk about Asakusa Studio's debut game Hyakki Castle without invoking the looming western spectre of Legend of Grimrock. While this particular formula for party-based first-person dungeon crawlery (real-time grid-based movement and all) dates all the way back to Dungeon Master in the 80s, Grimrock is the game that re-launched a genre, and a solid yardstick by which to measure imitators.Hyakki Castle,…

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Hyakki Castle is Japan’s answer to Legend Of Grimrock

It's always nice to see a familiar concept filtered through another culture's lens, and the recently announced Hyakki Castle seems just what the doctor ordered for Legend of Grimrock fans wanting another fix of dungeon exploration, party-building and monster-mashing, and it's less than a month away.Coming from new Japanese outfit Asakusa Studios, Hyakki Castle is almost exactly what you'd imagine a Japanese Grimrock would look…

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