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Feature: 90s kids, memories

Remember how great ASCII art used to be in game guides?

Back in the old days (10+ years ago), guides weren't a thing that websites had a dedicated writing team for. Instead, they were written for free by absolute heroes who toiled away for months on end, updating their guides to new versions until they had cleared it to 100% and documented everything, entirely in their spare time. Go to sites like NeoSeeker and GameFAQs and…

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ASCII Me Anything: Stone Story

Stone Story [official site] looks like it contains elements of both A Dark Room and Kingdom of Loathing. It's an RPG, using ASCII visuals to impressive effect, in which you have no direct control of the player character. You can choose what items to equip and which locations to visit, but the exploration, combat and looting is in the hands of the AI. Developer Standard…

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Stick With It: Candy Box Is Loaded With Surprises

Oh what a strange and special thing Candy Box is. It reminds me a lot of Frog Fractions in that I absolutely cannot, will not spill its delicious bounty of secrets before the break, because its rapid descent into gloriously elaborate madness is the whole point. So just click the link, and wait patiently as you magically spawn multiple mountains of candy, a candy archipelago,…

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