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Dog Eat Dog World: Ashen Rift Back On Kickstarter

What do you do if your Kickstarter project looking for $45,000 CAD fails? Try again but ask for almost twice as much. Ashen Rift is now looking for $85,000 CAD via the crowdfunding service to make its man-with-beard-and-dog first-person shooter a reality, but despite a shorter pitch video and a higher target, there’s still reasons to be intrigued by the game that piqued John’s interest earlier this year.

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Dogged Destruction: Ashen Rift

With nine days left on the clock, Ashen Rift hasn’t quite gathered half of its target funds. Seeking C$45,000, the first-person shooter/survival horror hybrid has raised just under C$20,000 at the time of writing. When I check back at the end of the day, I expect that number to have risen significantly. The game was already on my radar, simply because it reminds me of STALKER and contains a friendly canine companion, but the latest video shows destructible terrain, collapsing rock formations and sneaky traps. It may have a daft name that keeps slipping out of my memory, but Ashen Rift looks like it may deliver the sort of emergent happenings that I crave.

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Ashen Rift Is A Post Apocalyptic One Man & His Dog

Another one of those cursed apocalypses has taken place. This one caused by a Rift, opened up by pesky scientists, mutating humanity into crazed beasts, and leaving you and your pet dog in something of a pickle. A first-person shooter, which is oddly a genre that you barely hear about any more outside of those annual quadruple-A monstrosities, Ashen Rift is said to be inspired by Quake and Journey. Those are some extremes right there. It’s the sole project of long-time developer Barry Collins, and he’s looking to see if he can Kickstarter the funds to continue working on it for the rest of the year.

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