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Ubisoft Says Server Downtime Due To Attacks

Stormy times at Ubisoft.

Ubisoft have told Eurogamer that yesterday’s DRM server outages were caused by external attacks, and that they did not affect 95% of players. “Servers were attacked and while the servers did not go down, service was limited from 2.30pm to 9pm Paris time,” they explained to the big EG. They also apologise to those who were affected by this, explaining that they represented only 5% of players. This adds a sense of scale to the statements made by the Ubisoft community manager yesterday. It also acts as a confirmation from Ubisoft that their new DRM system is vulnerable to DOS attacks, meaning they are unable to ensure customers can play their single-player games.

Ubisoft’s DRM Servers Broken All Day

Scenes outside Ubisoft HQ earlier today.

Ubisoft’s servers have been down/overloaded for around the last ten hours, making it impossible for people in some parts of the world to play Assassin’s Creed II. Which is certainly not amusing if you’re someone who bought the game despite the DRM (that requires constant connection to their servers), and trusted that Ubisoft would not allow something like this to happen. Especially not in the first week. An enraged forum thread appeared on Ubi’s site, which eventually led to a post from Community Manager “Ubi.Vigil”, who explained that the situation was, “unacceptable”. And then time ticked on.

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Unsilent Hunter: UbiDRM Not Sunk After All?

It is the year 2138. Since the terrible conclusion of the great war between Simon Cowell’s X-tremes and Charlie Brooker’s Tweetonauts, humanity has been at peace. And, for the first time in 131 years, the PC gaming website Rock, Paper, Shotgun passes an entire week without mentioning DRM.

That’s then, but this is now – and UbiGate continues apace. Yesterday, seemingly cracked versions of Silent Hunter 5 and Assassin’s Creed 2 appeared. Ubisoft have since responded to say these DRMless versions are not complete, backed up to some extent by various forum comments observing that the SH5 scene release can’t make it past the first mission. Other comments claim otherwise. What’s a poor website to believe?
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Jumpy Stabby: Assassin’s Creed II Footage

Heh, heh,

A few new bits and pieces on Assassin’s Creed have appeared, partly in the form of a preview by GameTrailers, and partly in an architecture video from German site You can see both of them below, learning a bit more about the background behind the new central character and his motivations, and see a lot more of the city that you’ll be clambering all over.

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