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Breach busts into early access on January 17th

Imagine chopping your way through a dungeon, but each minion might have a human mind behind it. Throw in some techno-wizadry and a few demonic hordes, and you've landed on the pitch for Breach. It's due to come storming through Steam's Early Access doors on January 17th, bringing RPG-style dungeon-clearing to fifteen minute multiplayer matches. Right: there are a few sensible reasons for why I’m…

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Asymmetric dungeon brawler Breach launches on early access in January

Imagine Diablo, but where your mate plays the devil. That's essentially the pitch for Breach, an asymmetric dungeoneering romp from some of the devs who worked on Star Wars: The Old Republic. Fifteen-minute matches pit four players against a "Veil Demon", a fifth human who controls the dungeon and sometimes the minions themselves. It's out on Steam Early Access in January, and features the most…

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Feature: Tipping the balance

How Crawl found the fun in unfairness

This is The Mechanic, where Alex Wiltshire invites developers to discuss the inner workings of their games. This time, Crawl [official site].Crawl is a game about cooperation, betrayal and murder and accumulating enough eldritch power to kill a god. Made by Australian indie Powerhoof, it’s a couch multiplayer game played with up to three friends, but only one of you can be the hero. Everyone…

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Hacktag is two-player stealth-o-hacking co-op

A game idea which sounds good: a two-player stealth game where one plays an agent sneaking into buildings and the other is a hacker futzing with the building's systems, each supporting the other. Clandestine had a crack at that in an Alpha Protocol-y way and now Hacktag [official site] is having a go. It'll hit early access in May but hey, you can watch this…

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The Flock Trailer Shines Light On Closed Alpha

Remember The Flock? It's that asymmetric multiplayer thriller based around shining light on monsters – and now it's got a closed alpha and a new trailer.As per the new trailer the game starts with three to five players roaming the map as monstrous zombie creatures. The first person to reach the light source lantern thing (the technical term is Light Artifact) becomes the Carrier.

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