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One Chance, 1470 Words

One Chance was one of those marvellously unexpected indie games which burst out of nowhere and immediately had half the internet talking. By talking, I mean “crying and/or arguing”. It split the vote neatly between those who admired it for being built first and foremost around emotional clout and those who loathed it for being based first and foremost around emotional clout. For my money it was a bold, clever and above all gutwrenchingly maudlin experiment in storytelling and choice-making. Oh-so-final choices in fact, with the game sternly disallowing you from replaying – no matter how terrible the consequences. (Like wiping out humanity. Whoops).

But what of its creator’s choices? Does he stand by that controversial restriction, how does he feel about the reaction to the game, and what happens now he’s had a gentle nibble on zeitgeist’s earlobe? AwkwardSilenceGames’ Dean Moynihan responds to the response below.
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Last Night: One Chance

In six days every single living cell in the world will die. You have one chance to save the world.

IMPORTANT: Please don’t click ‘read the rest of this entry’ until you’ve played the game. Please also precede all spoiler-containing comments with approximately 30 words (full words, not characters) of non-spoiler so as to not reveal important stuff in the sidebar on the right. Take pity on your fellow indie gamers.
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