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Backwards Design: Assemblee

There aren’t many game design competitions that I feel a man of my total lack of game-design skills could possibly have entered, but TIGSource’s Assemblee is one. I curse myself for not submitting something – though in fairness I was moving house at the time, so drawing sprites in Photoshop on my laptop whilst sat in a removal van would doubtless only have resulted in nightmarish ineptitude. The super-clever concept is this: a little while back, any passing artists and musicians created and submitted a ton of original creations, with no specific game or aim in mind. In other words, they had no idea what their creations would be used for, or who by.

In stage 2, any interested programmers helped themselves to this cheery mountain of weird and wonderful assets, and mashed them into working games. Some of the results are astonishing.
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