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Kinetic Void Hits Kickstarter Goal At The Last Moment

It's basically the same as make up for Barbie.

Phew, that was close. With literally hours to spare the Kinetic Void Kickstarter met its goal and has been successfully funded. Aiming for $60,000, and with only $40,000 raised with a day to go, it looked like the procedural space explorer would miss the target by a significant chunk. But then like in every basketball movie ever made, the coach called time out, pulled the Kickstarter into a huddle, and reminded them that the magic isn’t in their missing team pencil, but in their hearts. And with that they ran back onto the court and extraordinarily raised $26,501 on the last day. More than a third of the total.

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Space Is Infinite, Time Is Brief: Kinetic Void

The area around my computer is full of tiny post-it notes with the names of Kickstarter projects scrawled onto them. Everytime a funding deadline is missed, the note peels from the wall and falls to the ground, wilting like a flower on a grave. Kinetic Void’s name has been there for a while but I didn’t have time to look at the bewilderingly ambitious space game until last night and now there are only six days remaining until it joins the scattered thought-petals at my feet. Of all the genres that are in need of a kick in the rump, space combat is one that I’d like to see kicked so hard it actually ends up escaping orbit and drifting to sectors unknown. Kinetic Void isn’t just hoping to be a space combat game though. It wants to build galaxies.

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