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Feature: Who you gonna call? Gruff Darkpast!

Premature Evaluation: HellSign

HellSign was sold to me as being like a “monster of the week episode of Supernatural or Buffy”, which is right up my proverbial alley. And if you squint you can sort of see how that description applies. I suppose it’s a useful description because it’s otherwise difficult to fit HellSign in a neat genre box; it’s isometric, it’s sort of an RPG and it’s…

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Paranormal investigation RPG HellSign haunts early access today

Who ya gonna call? Probably not me, as my first run-in with any tangible evil in investigative action RPG HellSign ended with me being devoured by spiders. Entering early access today, it's an unusual isometric spook-hunting sim by Ballistic Interactive, inspired by 'monster of the week' and blurry night-vision paranormal investigation TV. Players step into the cheap boots of a rookie monster hunter, apparently a…

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