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BioWhere? EA Working On Fixing Game Bans

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So what is the latest word on EA and BioWare banning users from games? You may remember that on Friday, the now-famous Arno found he was unable to access his copy of Dragon Age II because he made a rude-ish comment on the BioWare forums. This saw a 72 hour forum ban, which, it seemed, also froze his EA account, which meant he could not authenticate his copy of DA2, and nor could he play other EA games tied into the account. It was highlighted on a few sites, and we spoke to Arno himself to get his side of the story. Later that day Arno received a personal email from the Senior Director of Customer Services himself, Boyd Beasley, explaining that this had been an error, with accompanying profuse apologies. Since we wrote the story we’ve heard about the same happening to other gamers, as long ago as a year back, and indeed it happened again to someone else over the weekend. Asking EA about this, they’ve given us a statement explaining that this continues to be a fault, and they’re working on fixing it by the end of the week. But we’re left with some questions.

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EA Retracts Game Ban For Forum Violation

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Wow, well here’s a crazy update. After being repeatedly told that he was intentionally locked out of his EA games because he broke the rules on the BioWare forum, and that this was in accordance to the Terms Of Service that he’d agreed to, this morning’s internet famous man, Arno, has just been told that it was in fact a mistake.
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EA Forum Bans Can Lock You Out Of Games

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UPDATE: EA are now saying this was a mistake, and Arno has access to his games during the ban.

Original story: Be careful what you say. That’s the lesson BioWare forum user Arno has learned in the last 24 hours, after an ill-advised comment on the BioWare forums has led to his EA account being locked, such that he cannot play his purchased copy of Dragon Age 2 for 72 hours.

It reveals a clause in the terms of service that accompany buying an EA game that will surprise the vast majority who do not read the microprint. Misbehave in the forum (as Arno fully admits he did), and you can have your right to play a legitimately purchased game taken away from you. Forever, if they want to.

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