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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Caramageddon

Hello there! Cara here. Sorry I couldn’t find a picture of a bucket. Mr Lewie Procter is moving house currently, as he is leaving London for newer pastures. I imagine him as a kind of suaver Shaggy from Scooby Doo type, buying a Mystery Machine and going on adventures as the bootstrap-pulling entrepreneur selling cheap videogames out the back of his VW. But it turns out he is just going to travel around the world Savygamering to fund himself. BORING. Tune in after the jump for a haphazard selection of cheap Cara games from Read the rest of this entry »

The RPS Bargain Bucket: Good Old Summer

Summer is the season for frolicking in the sun, which is exactly what Lewie is doing on a well-earned break at Glastonbury. Summer is also the season for sales that enable us to stuff our cheeks with games for the harsh winter months so he has asked me, Tony, his sidekick at, to guide you through the best cheap cheek-fillers in this week’s bargain bucket.

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Steam Sale: Where You Need To Look

It’s pretty lucky that LewieP exists, you know. He’s rounded up the entire Steam mega-sale in all its glory over here. Yep, that’s a pretty serious sale. The most pressing bargain appears to be Super Meat Boy, which is £3 for just the next five and a bit hours. Hop to it!

I’d probably pick up Armed & Dangerous if you’ve never played it, and I wouldn’t get Perimeter 2, because that was a bit rubbish. Also you can’t go wrong with Hitman: Blood Money for super cheap. That is a genuinely excellent game.

The RPS Bargain Bucket

You people like bargains, right? Well, have some bargains. SavyGamer‘s LewieP has kindly compiled the most agreeably cut-priced PC gaming deals to be had on this fine weekend – most of which can be downloaded right now, thus saving you from the tragic perils of a listless Sunday. There is no rhyme or reason to our picks, beyond simply pointing you at some fine games you might have missed out back when they carried a full-fat pricetag. So, what’s in the bucket this week?
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