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Baroque.Me, This Makes Everything Better

Someone will tell me this isn't Bach now, or something.

I don’t know what kind of Thursday you’re having, but I’m having one that sounds like the sigh an old armchair makes when you sit in it, like exasperation is too much effort, and instead deflating despondency is all that can be enunciated. And then I found this.

Bach makes everything better, as I think we can all agree (no matter what the World Health Organisation keeps telling my clients), so‘s distraction in a website form soothes all ailments. It’s a remarkable little thing in which white circles pluck at ever-changing-in-length strings to produce baroque heavenliness. Why am I mentioning it on a so-called gaming site? Well, you can interact with those white balls, messing with their pathways, to influence the music. And interaction means game, and game means post.

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