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A Brief History Of The Battle Arena, Part One

Inspired by DOTA2 and League Of Legends soaring in popularity, and dominating the pro-gaming world, Yannick LeJacq decided to take a look at where Battle Arenas came from, and how history had conspired to make this the most competitive genre in PC gaming. Read on for his history. Obviously it’s not comprehensive, these are just Yannick’s own impressions – hence “brief” history – from conversations from people who were involved over the years.

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Battle Arenas: Anti-heroes of Newerth

Monkeys AND breasts? They're really going all out here

After League of Legends and DOTA, Cara brings us her take on S2’s lane-pushing rival Heroes of Newerth.

“I AM DRUNK,” I announce on our Mumble voicechat server at ten thirty on a Friday night. “Let’s play Heroes of Newerth.”

“Ugh, I haven’t played it in years,” Airhorse grumbles, though he once paid for an account back when it wasn’t free to play. He has been trying to avoid playing it because it will be the world’s longest patch.

“Well I created a new account specially so I could give my character a joke name,” I say. (They make you pay $10 to change your name, erk.) “And FRAPS is running. So let’s go.”
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Battle Arenas: League of Legends

Cara returns with the second instalment of her guide to/dissection of the army of Dotalikes that have lately taken over PC gaming. This time, it’s League of Legends – and you should catch up on the last column, which covered DOTA itself, if you missed it. Both contain profanity and sexy-parts references, naturally.

“CARARARARARARA” the lone Skype message read. “I heard a rumour that you’re going to play LoL with us.”

I could almost hear the anticipation at our reunion vibrating down my wifi connection. It had been five years since me and Col last played Defense of the Ancients together.

“Yes,” I said, with a needlessly dramatic pause. “I AM BACK.”
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Battle Arenas: Defense of the Ancients, An Introduction

Battle Arenas is a series in which Cara looks at Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games, and tries to answer why they might have become so popular. She used to play DOTA. A lot. Like, from back in 2003 when it was first released (she is old). Now DOTA clones are everywhere! THEY MUST BE EXAMINED. But first: a little musing on the intricacies of DOTA, the first, the best.
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