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M&B: Napoleonic Wars Dev’s Next Is Insanely Ambitious

You can, um, do other things aside from destroying fences. That's probably not the best example of ambition.

Mount & Blade meets Total War. That’s roughly how Flying Squirrel Entertainment – they of Mount & Blade: Warband – Napoleonic Wars – are describing their upcoming American Civil War opus, Battle Cry of Freedom. And so far, the (admittedly over-simplified) label sticks. Flying Squirrel is feverishly loading its musket and shooting for 500-plus player battles across five-by-five kilometer maps that are based on satellite images of actual locations. Meanwhile, the plan is to include every type of not-so-modern warfighter imaginable – from soldiers to artillery to musicians. Yes, musicians. Oh, and the entire environment will be destructible. Bottles, fences, houses – you name it. Will it work? Can it work? More after the break.

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