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John Nation: A Yank In The (Virtual) RAF

I can pepper my flight sim reviews with as much talk of retreating blade stalls, snap rolls and skip bombing as I like, but until I get round to building a simpit and joining a virtual combat squadron, my hardcore flight simmer credentials will always look a tad suspect. John Nation, a chap I’ve been swapping emails with for a while, is the real deal. In the Q&A that follows, he waxes lyrical on a range of subjects including his splendid Spitfire-shaped sim throne, long career with the Tangmere Pilots and ambitious Ultimate Goal. Read the rest of this entry »

Spitfire Summery

Yesterday was Battle of Britain Day here in the UK. If you are British and didn’t spend at least five minutes contemplating the extraordinary courage, tenacity and self-sacrifice of ‘The Few’ then go stand in the RPS Corner of Shame.

Only those that rush outside on hearing the sound of a Merlin engine, and instinctively reach for their wallet on encountering an old gent with a Wings Appeal collection box have permission to read My Artfully Annotated List Of Battle Of Britain Games That Don’t Require Joysticks Or The Reflexes Of A Cobra

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