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The 50 best FPS on PC

The best shooters endure. While the state of the art moves on in other genres and leaves old designs in the dust, it’s as fun to fire a well-made shotgun from an early 90s FPS as from one released today. For that reason, this list runs the gamut from genre classics to those released in the last year. There’s bound to be something for you inside.

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Have You Played… Battlefield 1942?

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time.

We take it for granted now, but in 2002 I was still impressed that Battlefield 1942 was a multiplayer game that let you fly planes and drive tanks and jeeps. I was even more impressed that, unlike the previous year’s Tribes 2, it was possible to have fun in BF1942 without weeks of practice and planning.

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The 50 Best FPS Ever Made

Gathering together the best shooters is no easy task, but if you’re looking for a new PC FPS to play, look no further.

Your favourite game is at number 51.

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Battlefield 1942 Confirmed Among EA’s GameSpy Casualties

Bail out!

With the shutdown of GameSpy multiplayer services looming at the end of the month, EA have revealed quite what they plan to do. Not much, really. 24 games, including Battlefields 1942 through 2142, Star Wars: Battlefront, the two Neverwinter Nights, and a few Command & Conquers, will lose official online multiplayer and services support when GameSpy goes away. Unofficial tools and ways will keep some of them playable still, but not at all of them.

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The Forever War: Battlefield 1942 Is Free

Loading screen art is a great way to avoid posting screenshots of a really old game

I’ve got bad news for a certain, uh, vocal portion of our readership: you might have a reason to not completely hate Origin. I’m kidding myself – obviously you’ll hate Origin no matter what forever and ever. I know you, young man. But you’ll still go and get your free copy of Battlefield 1942, blessed with the fine price of no-pennies in honour of its 10th anniversary, even while loudly decrying the entire system. THE INTERNET.
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Gaming Made Me: Battlefield 1942

Oh for Heaven’s sakes – Battlefield 3’s not even out yet, and already we’re previewing Battlefield 1942. There are 1938 more Battlefields to come first! Oh, wait. Yes, that’s right. The start of the series. Got it. So: Brendan Caldwell takes us back to where DICE’s war began, and reminisces about being a disgusting coward.

There was a time in first-person-shooter history, believe it or not, when World War II was not The Boring War. Oh, admit it. We all remember it well. “Dubya-dubya-two?” we asked excitedly. “Can’t get enough of it! Gimme some. I said give it to me. I want it.” Then the fatigue set in. Pineapple grenades lost their novelty. German uniforms didn’t give us a rude-on anymore. So we discarded World War II, like a soggy Metro full of old nibs.

Oh, but remember the good times. The French hedgerows, the crumbling grey bunkers. The beaches. The endless, endless beaches. Nothing like a trail of unsaved Private Ryans to soak up the salt, the sea and the atmosphere of intense brutality. Catching some rays by the seaside there, Private? Ah! You cannot be. For it is overcast. Also, you are dead.
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