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You Blew It All Up: BF3’s Donya Fortress Trailer

What is he shooting? The world may never find out. (But it's probably a person with a gun.)

Having watched Battlefield 3’s Donya Fortress map trailer, I have to imagine that bulls in, on, around, or stealthily tunneling under China shops are feeling a bit miffed. All of their meticulous plotting and planning – their years of drawing maps and diagrams, of learning how to draw with hooves – were rendered moot the second Battlefield 3’s Close Quarters map pack burst onto the scene. It is no simple manshoot – for that would imply that it only shoots men. Walls, floors, stairs, bridges, pillars, and ceilings crumble into tiny bits of ballistic debris, and then that debris crumbles into smaller debris. And yet, a single US flag continues to billow in the center of it all, probably shedding the fabric equivalent of a single tear. Stirring stuff, that. Be stirred – perhaps into some form of reverent casserole¬†– after the break.

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Battlefield 3 Close Quarters Video Blows. Up. Everything.

I hope those glasses are destrictible
When buildings are collapsing and jets are being all “newwwwwwwrhghghghggh”, it’s easy to forget that the Battlefield 3 engine does small things as well. Subtle explosions. Personal blowey-uppies. I’d imagine that’s the reason for DICE making the Close Quarters map pack: to show off their microexplosion technology. They spent hours crafting those mini-bangs, so maps that showcase them are needed: the Close Quarters maps are a series of four infantry focused maps set in, with added destructible bits. It makes me way happier than the ten new guns it adds as all I care about is the chandeliers.
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