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Storytime With Battlefield 3

I thought about using an MW3 image for giggles, but I'm so tired of men on the internet getting upset with me


(Also, ‘who’s the real terrorist here?’-style political intrigue, which is presumably the long-hinted-at moral greyness of BF3’s plot).
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New Modern Warfare 3 Shot Heralds QUIZ!

Hang on, are you from my game?

I’ve noticed a mistake that’s being made by a couple of publishers. EA and Activision both plan to release shooty-man games before Christmas, about some soldiers with some modern weapons having a big fight. One is called Battlefield 3 and the other Modern Warfare 3. But the weird thing is, the two companies keep taking potshots, saying their game isn’t like the other. But, see, they really do look like each other. I wonder if they’ve just not looked at the screenshots of their rivals’ game, or something. In fact, I’ve prepared you a quiz!

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DICE: Shooters “transforming into a service”

After insisting there’s room for more than one military shooter in the market, DICE’s Patrick Bach told IndustryGamers than be believes shooters are becoming a “service”: “I also believe that our free social platform Battlelog will make a huge difference in how people perceive where the game starts and ends. Games, especially FPS titles with their deep persistence and team play are no longer just hard-coded discs. They are transforming into a service.” People sure do love statistics and stuff, it’s true. But does that really make it a service?

He also argued that “authenticity” was more important than realism (contrasting the game with the Armas, I suppose): “We are not trying to create a simulator. But the feeling that what happens in the game is plausible and looks real and authentic is important to us.”

Confirmed: Battlefield 3 Features Destruction

Will no one think of the buildings!?
Not long now until the great beast of Origin stumbles into our gaming crosshairs, but if you can’t satiate your Battle-need, then there’s a useful trailer out. It’s one minute of the game’s environmental destruction features. Few dudes get shot, no-one gets kicked, but a lot of stuff ‘splodes. BELOW.
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Gloom Too: Battlefield 3: Single-Player Shots

Sir, are you abseiling up into the sky?
Hey, DICE have released a batch of images of the single-player campaign. Aside from all that visual noise from the announcement trailers, I still don’t have a really good grip on what this is going to be like, but I can’t wait to see. I am presuming there’s a bit of jet-fight action, at least. Ooh, there could be a fight for the WIT of this one…

Click on images for a full-size version.
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64-Player For The Weekend, Sir?

The Battlefield 3 beta wraps up on the 10th, and so to get the final stress testing done DICE have confirmed that they will be opening up 64-player Caspian Border servers – meaning maximum 32 vs 32 team counts, vehicles, and everything else – for the final weekend. How many of your are on the beta? We should probably orchestrate some kind of massed RPS man-shoot?

Joining Hacked BF3 Servers = Banhammer?

If you see more than 31 other men, you're in trouble

Oh dear. Cunning gentlethings found a way to hack/mod the Battlefield 3 open beta’s map – Operation Metro – to enable support for up to 128 shooting men. Officially, it only allows up to 32 shooting men, though the full release version may well raise the headcount. That’s not what I’m actually oh dearing about, though. It’s DICE/EA’s response to this that is troubling. In an official statement on the forum – which now appears to have been pulled, but we have a screenshot of it as-was below – they claimed that playing on the hacked servers “can cause your account to become compromised, stats to be altered or other issues to arise which may lead to having your account to be banned by EA.” In addition, horrifyingly, “if your account does get banned it means any other EA game you have on your account would also be unavailable.”
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Oh Yes, Battlefield 3 Open Beta Live, Too

Ah, I should probably mention that the Battlefield 3 beta is now open. Visiting this page will automatically download the Origin installer, and from there you can find the beta in the free games section. See you in there.

I’ve embedded Total Biscuit’s Caspian Border footage+commentary below for you to watch while it downloads.
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Conquering: 23 Minutes Of BF3’s 64-Player

VG247 points out that one of the people who got access to the 64-player Caspian Border map in the Battlefield 3 beta last night has uploaded 23 minutes of it running at fairly high settings. You can see that footage below. There’s quite a bit of wandering about and taking potshots at distant aircraft, but it gives you a good idea of how impressive the game is looking.

I’ve been playing a bit of the beta myself, and I’ll have some impressions soon. Silly browser-based server browser aside, it’s been a fantastic experience so far. It’s got the solidity of the other Battlefield games, but it feels like a significant step up in terms of look, feel, and scale. Not sure about the changes to the classes or the unlock system yet, but the combat feels right, and that means I can’t wait to have a go at a 64-player map.
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Knee-jerk Thoughts: Battlefield 3 Beta

Behold the face of a man who murdered me. Let's vilify him!

My code has arrived, my megabytes have downloaded, Origin has grudgingly been installed and I have managed to squeeze in a couple of rounds in the Battlefield 3 open beta, which launched for pre-orderers and Medal of Honor special edition-buying mooks today (and goes live for everyone a couple of days later). This is nothing like an informed opinion as of yet: it’s just entirely top-of-the-head thoughts based on my very first experiences of manshooting in DICE’s new game and its new engine.
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Betalfield 3: DICE Finally Give Us A Date

Tanks a lot ahahahahahahaahahahahahaaaaha

A date for you: September 29. That date is when the much-awaited open beta for Battlefield 3 will commence. It will run until October 10.

Another date for you: September 27. That date is when people who pre-ordered BF3 PC via EA’s trouble-makin’ Origin platform or who made the mistake of coughing up for the Limited Edition of last year’s Medal of Honor reboot will get to access the beta.

More details and FAQs and things here, and there are system requirements and some singleplayer footage we may not have already shown you below, if you like. Oh, and some no doubt divisive news regarding the PC beta specifically: “ORIGIN WILL BE USED TO DISTRIBUTE THE BETA INSTALLATION AND RUN THE GAME AND THEREFORE NECESSARY TO PLAY.” Their capitals, not mine.
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Battlefield 3: The RPS Reader’s Take

Joe looks exactly like this

Last week, two RPS competition winners and myself (that being Alec, assuming the omni-voice of the hivemind for this post) headed over to Stockholm to visit DICE and see/play Battlefield 3. You’ve already read some of my thoughts on what I saw, but what about the readers? Well, one of them did himself a nasty leg injury on the first morning and wasn’t actually able to see the game, which was a terrible shame. Fortunately the other, Joe O’Connor, was left unscathed. Apart from the fact that his plane home nearly blew up, anyway. Are RPS competitions cursed? Maybe. Maybe. Anyway, he’s alive and well, so here’s what he thought of Battlefield 3: take it away, Joe.
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DICE On BF3’s Regenerating Tank Health

DICE have been going into a bit more detail on the vehicles that will appear in Battlelfield 3. Lots of interesting stuff on specialisation. I’m not sure about this bit, though: “If you back up and take cover, you give yourself a chance to let the vehicle armor recover, just like your soldier heals up when going into cover. This is a new feature in Battlefield 3 where lightly damaged vehicles recover their armor after a set amount of time (if kept away from enemy fire). Instead of promoting a gung-ho attitude at all times, this means that the driver who keeps his cool and adapts to any given situation will also be able to keep his vehicle in working order for longer. It is basically our way of giving smart non-Engineers a fighting chance to keep his vehicle in the battle.” Yes, I get that it says “lightly” damaged, but still seems odd to me. Like a tank picking up a medkit odd. Seems to defeat the point of working with engineers, to me.

Anyway, in case you’d forgotten why we’re excited about Battlefield 3’s multiplayer, I’ve added the Caspian Border footage below. Mmm.
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DICE On Unlocks And Keeping Games Alive

MAN WITH GUN. MEN WITH GENS. Manshoot captions are the hardest.

I have a frankly frightening amount of interview material from my trip to see Battlefield 3 at EA DICE HQ earlier this week, but before I lower myself into the tenth circle of hell that is transcribing the main hour of it, here’s an interesting side-discussion that came up when I asked Twitter for a few question suggestions. One of the first respondents was Minecraft-maker Notch, who asked us to ask DICE “What are some best practices and lessons learned when awarding long-term rewards in a highly competitive game like Battlefield 3?”

Here’s what BF3’s executive producer Patrick Bach had to say in response – which led to a discussion of best practice for creating in-game unlocks, how he thinks Bad Company 2 got it a bit wrong, and why he reckons devs should try and keep improving and expanding their games for several years after launch instead of putting out annual sequels. Whatever could he be referring to?
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Eyes-On: Battlefield 3’s Operation Guillotine

People with camper-vans? Basically terrorists.
Just two months ahead of release, Battlefield 3’s singleplayer mode remains something of a mystery – oddly so, given this game is DICE’s attempt to make their biggest franchise as appealing to lone gunners as team gunners. So getting eyes-on with a never-before-seen singleplayer level yesterday went some way to explaining BF3’s approach. That approach: MEGA-GRAPHICS, MEGA-EXPLOSIONS, MEGA-WAR. And yet, somehow, it’s also far more subtle and convincing than COD and its recent raft of wannabe crown-stealers.
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Why You Can’t Shoot Civilians In Battlefield 3

Spotter's guide - visible gun = not a civilian.

I’ve just come back from a fascinating and noisy day at EA DICE, seeing and playing Battlefield 3 with the winners of our recent competition. I have quite a few BF3-related posts due over the next couple of days as a result, but let’s start off with the game’s executive producer Patrick Bach talking about why he believes it can be tricky for games to present more authentic situations, such as a Battlefield level containing innocent, unarmed civilians. He reckons that, given the option, many gamers can’t resist an opportunity to be bad – and, he fears, game-makers would be the ones blamed for their players’ naughtier choices. For instance, shooting one of said innocent, unarmed civilians…
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The Fate Of BF3’s In-Game Server Browser

This story is a little surprising. BF3 Blog have done the legwork on this: first they spotted that Battlefield 3 on the PS3 and 360 is going to have an in-game server browser for multiplayer game-finding. Good for them. However, where this story turns sour is the news that the PC version will not have any in-game server browser, and to find a multiplayer game you have to exit the game or Alt-Tab out of it, and use the “Battlelog” application to launch games. Senior Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz has been assuring everyone that the process is relatively smooth, but why? And, if it has to be in another app, why isn’t there a server browser in Origin’s overlay? Why is there another system to complicate things? Ah, of course, because Battelog wants to be the free equivalent of Activision’s Elite thingum, with all that social and achievement stuff that you play games for.

[Edit – oops, we got that last bit slightly wrong. Those elements of Elite will, in fact, also be free, as will most of its core features. The exact nature of Elite’s paid extra bits has yet to be announced, but from the relatively scant information we have so far would appear to be bonus content-based rather than related to social kinda stuff like this.]

Tune in next week for: mouse controls only on the PS3?!

Cheers R-F for flagging this one up in the forums.

Friendly: Battlefield 3 Reveals Co-Op Mode

Some not co-op.

The headline says it all, really. The single-player game of Battlefield 3, which hasn’t had much attention so far, will be playable with a chum. The demonstration was shown on PS3, meaning it looked nowhere near as good as the trailer that followed, with the two developers pretending to not know what they were doing (and to be playing). They totally rescued a hostage! They drove a tank together! They revived each other! But there you go – co-op. In Battlefield 3. Got it? Good. And new screenshots! Added below.

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