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Storytime With Battlefield 3


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New Modern Warfare 3 Shot Heralds QUIZ!

I've noticed a mistake that's being made by a couple of publishers. EA and Activision both plan to release shooty-man games before Christmas, about some soldiers with some modern weapons having a big fight. One is called Battlefield 3 and the other Modern Warfare 3. But the weird thing is, the two companies keep taking potshots, saying their game isn't like the other. But, see,…

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DICE: Shooters “transforming into a service”

After insisting there's room for more than one military shooter in the market, DICE's Patrick Bach told IndustryGamers than be believes shooters are becoming a "service": “I also believe that our free social platform Battlelog will make a huge difference in how people perceive where the game starts and ends. Games, especially FPS titles with their deep persistence and team play are no longer just…

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Gloom Too: Battlefield 3: Single-Player Shots

Hey, DICE have released a batch of images of the single-player campaign. Aside from all that visual noise from the announcement trailers, I still don't have a really good grip on what this is going to be like, but I can't wait to see. I am presuming there's a bit of jet-fight action, at least. Ooh, there could be a fight for the WIT of…

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64-Player For The Weekend, Sir?

The Battlefield 3 beta wraps up on the 10th, and so to get the final stress testing done DICE have confirmed that they will be opening up 64-player Caspian Border servers - meaning maximum 32 vs 32 team counts, vehicles, and everything else - for the final weekend. How many of your are on the beta? We should probably orchestrate some kind of massed RPS…

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Joining Hacked BF3 Servers = Banhammer?

Oh dear. Cunning gentlethings found a way to hack/mod the Battlefield 3 open beta's map - Operation Metro - to enable support for up to 128 shooting men. Officially, it only allows up to 32 shooting men, though the full release version may well raise the headcount. That's not what I'm actually oh dearing about, though. It's DICE/EA's response to this that is troubling. In…

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Conquering: 23 Minutes Of BF3’s 64-Player

VG247 points out that one of the people who got access to the 64-player Caspian Border map in the Battlefield 3 beta last night has uploaded 23 minutes of it running at fairly high settings. You can see that footage below. There's quite a bit of wandering about and taking potshots at distant aircraft, but it gives you a good idea of how impressive the…

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Feature: First bite of the new frost

Knee-jerk Thoughts: Battlefield 3 Beta

My code has arrived, my megabytes have downloaded, Origin has grudgingly been installed and I have managed to squeeze in a couple of rounds in the Battlefield 3 open beta, which launched for pre-orderers and Medal of Honor special edition-buying mooks today (and goes live for everyone a couple of days later). This is nothing like an informed opinion as of yet: it’s just entirely…

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Betalfield 3: DICE Finally Give Us A Date

A date for you: September 29. That date is when the much-awaited open beta for Battlefield 3 will commence. It will run until October 10. Another date for you: September 27. That date is when people who pre-ordered BF3 PC via EA's trouble-makin' Origin platform or who made the mistake of coughing up for the Limited Edition of last year's Medal of Honor reboot will…

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Feature: The winner takes it all

Battlefield 3: The RPS Reader’s Take

Last week, two RPS competition winners and myself (that being Alec, assuming the omni-voice of the hivemind for this post) headed over to Stockholm to visit DICE and see/play Battlefield 3. You've already read some of my thoughts on what I saw, but what about the readers? Well, one of them did himself a nasty leg injury on the first morning and wasn't actually able…

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DICE On BF3’s Regenerating Tank Health

DICE have been going into a bit more detail on the vehicles that will appear in Battlelfield 3. Lots of interesting stuff on specialisation. I'm not sure about this bit, though: "If you back up and take cover, you give yourself a chance to let the vehicle armor recover, just like your soldier heals up when going into cover. This is a new feature in…

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Feature: We are Notch's messenger-boy

DICE On Unlocks And Keeping Games Alive

I have a frankly frightening amount of interview material from my trip to see Battlefield 3 at EA DICE HQ earlier this week, but before I lower myself into the tenth circle of hell that is transcribing the main hour of it, here's an interesting side-discussion that came up when I asked Twitter for a few question suggestions. One of the first respondents was Minecraft-maker…

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Feature: Dicing with duty

Eyes-On: Battlefield 3’s Operation Guillotine

Just two months ahead of release, Battlefield 3’s singleplayer mode remains something of a mystery – oddly so, given this game is DICE’s attempt to make their biggest franchise as appealing to lone gunners as team gunners. So getting eyes-on with a never-before-seen singleplayer level yesterday went some way to explaining BF3’s approach. That approach: MEGA-GRAPHICS, MEGA-EXPLOSIONS, MEGA-WAR. And yet, somehow, it's also far more…

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Why You Can’t Shoot Civilians In Battlefield 3

I've just come back from a fascinating and noisy day at EA DICE, seeing and playing Battlefield 3 with the winners of our recent competition. I have quite a few BF3-related posts due over the next couple of days as a result, but let's start off with the game's executive producer Patrick Bach talking about why he believes it can be tricky for games to…

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The Fate Of BF3’s In-Game Server Browser

This story is a little surprising. BF3 Blog have done the legwork on this: first they spotted that Battlefield 3 on the PS3 and 360 is going to have an in-game server browser for multiplayer game-finding. Good for them. However, where this story turns sour is the news that the PC version will not have any in-game server browser, and to find a multiplayer game…

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Friendly: Battlefield 3 Reveals Co-Op Mode

The headline says it all, really. The single-player game of Battlefield 3, which hasn't had much attention so far, will be playable with a chum. The demonstration was shown on PS3, meaning it looked nowhere near as good as the trailer that followed, with the two developers pretending to not know what they were doing (and to be playing). They totally rescued a hostage! They…

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