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Hex-A-Decimate: Battlelore Command

Battlelore Command is a digital adaptation of Fantasy Flight's Battlelore 2nd edition, a fantasy boardgame based on Richard Borg's Commands & Colors game system. The PC version, just launched on Steam with a purchasable DLC expansion already in place, is ported from a recent tablet release. I'm always excited when I see Fantasy Flight games on PC because I'd love to have a huge digital…

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Feature: This game system

Cardboard Children – Battlelore 2nd Edition

Hello youse. As we build up to my historic announcement of the best board game of 2013, I think it's worth taking a break to talk about an exciting new edition of a great game. I'm really pumped about how good this game is. Are you sitting down? Do you like dice? Do you like games with lots of replayability? Okay then.

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