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Battlezone 2: Combat Commander’s HD revamp launches

Battlezone: Combat Commander

Some may grumble about the recent glut of HD updates and remasters that have been bulking out release schedules the past few years, but when it means that a new generation can experience joys like 1999’s RTS/tank-combat hybrid Battlezone 2: Combat Commander, then I’m all for it.

Following up from the slightly wonky re-release that was Battlezone 98 Redux, Big¬†Boat Interactive¬†(under Rebellion’s publishing banner) have poured a lot more time and effort into the sequel’s enhancement, which launched via both Steam and GOG today.

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See how Battlezone: Combat Commander stacks up against nostalgia

Battlezone: Combat Commander

Not every PC classic is deserving of a full remaster/remake/spit-and-polish treatment, but I reckon that 1999’s RTS/FPS hybrid Battlezone 2: Combat Commander has more than earned its place on Rebellion’s list of games to update to modern spec, and Big Boat Interactive’s update looks to be doing the game justice.

Along with announcing a release date – March 1st, just one month off – Rebellion have released a new trailer comparing the game as it looked back in the day to how it looks now, given the blessings of a modern renderer, sharper textures, smoother models and an upgrade to 4K resolutions.

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Battlezone 2 revamp coming next year

After last year releasing a revamped version of Battlezone, the 1998 RTS-FPS hybrid where spacelords join the battlefield themselves to drive vehicles and scamper about, Rebellion are now focusing on its sequel. Today they announced Battlezone Combat Commander, a remastered version of 1999’s Battlezone II. Coming some time in 2018, it’ll boast a similar amount of fancying-up as the Battlezone 98 Redux though with a less clumsy (but more confusing) name. Check out the announcement trailer: Read the rest of this entry »

Battlezone II: It’s Alive! Er, Still.

Tanks! Like... oh, y'know.

This took me by gentle surprise: ongoing fan patching of Pandemic’s seminal but rarely namedropped 1999 RTS/FPS/tank ’em up Battlezone II. While it’s admittedly an acquired taste, it’s one of those games I regularly bust out whenever I feel a spot of joystick nostalgia, alongside Crimson Skies and Mechwarrior 4. The unofficial 1.3 patch for what was once an infamously buggy affair was originally created by two Pandemic chaps, and they’ve continued to update it even as they spend their day working on other games. Ten years on from the game’s release, patch 1.3 beta 5.1 (crivens) has just hit
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