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Questionaut: School Got Better

Can you remember the difference between “median” and “mode”? I really cannot think of a more beautiful way to find myself worrying about having forgotten maths aimed at 11 year olds than a new game by Samarost creators, Amanita Design. It’s called Questionaut, and it’s been created for the BBC’s Bitesize educational site.

It's a maths tree!

It’s a combination of Amanita’s distinctive exploratory gaming (you search the astonishingly gorgeous backgrounds for items that give you a clickable mouse interface, and respond to the results) and Key Stage 2 questions on a broad range of subjects. Once again, the music and sound effects are created by Floex, Tomáš Dvořák, and are all simply stunning. I’ve played through the game a second time to reach stage 5, so I could listen to one of the ambient, looping tunes as I write this. I’d have actually revised at school if these means had been available.

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