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The Majesty of Welcome Tape

The American readers are totally going to be lost.

[Continuing RPS’ guest week, I give you Al Ewing. He’s a one man infinite-monkey. His fingers spew universes. If you know him, it’ll probably be for his 2000AD work. If you don’t, you’ll know him for this, a guide to Welcome Tape for the Great British Home Computer, the BBC Micro.]

Oh! The miracle of the internet! I thought I’d have to describe the majesty of the Welcome Tape in mere words, but fortunately ‘cpmisalive’ at YouTube has recorded enough of it to give you a taste. Admittedly, he’s gotten hold of the Welcome Disc for the Acorn Thingy – presumably some kind of Fancy Dan system that’s too good for mere tapes – but it’s the same stuff all around. Just imagine that to switch between programs you need to PRESS PLAY ON TAPE and then wait twenty minutes.
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