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Beat Hazard 2 will blast more jams

Back in 2010, Beat Hazard riffed on the ‘feed the game music to become levels to play through’ Audiosurf idea to turn MP3s into twin-stick shooter arena battles. The flow of battle would follow the flow of music, all resulting in a lot of colours and explosions – vital for any shmup. I blasted through a few albums back in the day myself, enjoying the colours and, y’know, the explosions. Creator Steve Hunt has been working on a sequel for a while, and is now starting to talk more about Beat Hazard 2 as he aims to release a beta version this summer. Read the rest of this entry »

The Dukeboxes of Hazard: Beat Hazard Demo

They should work out a way for this music games to link into Spotify, clearly.

This was impressively bad timing by me. Last night, I posted about Beat Hazard, noting there’s no demo yet. Within hours, its demo was out. Oh noes! So – er – the demo is out. More details in the other post, about the game whose demo is now out. Oh – you can also buy the game on Gamersgate or Direct2Drive. Or the Dev.

Beat Control System: Beat Hazard

I didn't actually try Tily and the Wall with it though.

Quite a lot of you have been enjoying this, so I thought I’d have a quick crack. While originating on the not-PCs, Beat Hazard appeared on Steam recently. It’s basically a Robotron-esque (i.e. Geometry Wars) single-screen shooter with the Audiosurf-esque twist that each level is generated from a sound-file, with neat elements like how the music actually has a visible effect on your firepower’s intensity. And the graphics are intense – even on normal, you can easily work towards Space-Giraffe-esque overload with the right tracks. I wasn’t quite sure the actual syncing was that notable, until I dropped the Bad Seed’s cover of Black Betty onto it, which nailed it. My other reservation is that at least on my PC, the changing of directories is far slower than I’d be used to on a browser. While there’s no demo, it’s a fiver at the moment so very much in that impulse purchase area. And – er -a trailer follows.
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