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The Sacrificial Limb: LISA – The Painful RPG

The tiny pixel man at the top of LISA’s Kickstarter page isn’t like all the others. Both of his arms have been lopped off and he’s threatening to bite his enemies. Just above that image you’ll find the game’s elevator pitch – it’s a “game about survival, sacrifice, and perverts”. Lone developer Austin Jorgensen wants to make an RPG that doesn’t skimp on unpleasant content and he’s chosen to set it in a world “where women are nowhere to be found…a world full of drugs, violence and the decay of human intelligence”. When Jorgensen claims that the biggest risk is that the game will upset people, he might just be right and that could well be a good thing. Reading the page reminded me of playing Beautiful Escape for the first time (please read Kieron on that if you haven’t before).

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Wot I Think: Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer

In a year where a fake game about being a serial killer was at the center of an internet whirlpool, it’s somehow pleasing that another serial killer game was actually released and has performed its act of unspeakable brutality without drawing much attention to itself. Only the detectives of ElectronDance brought it to my attention. The contrasting approach to the subject matter of the two games seems to follow the ideas of serial murder which they’re most interested in. Serial Killer Roguelike was all cheap opportunism, (metaphorically) breaking in an open window, cutting up its victims and smearing itself in viscera. Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer is about the secretive killers who do their grim work for years and no-one will ever know – except their victim, and only too late. In other words, a serial killer who’s all the more disturbing.

Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer is also more disturbing in a key, important way. It actually exists.
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