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Oh No Team! Part -4: The Idiot

So I finally get Team Fortress 2.

(By “get”, I of course mean, “did best at”.)

ME! LOOK IT'S ME!Clearly lots of people had left by this point.

Let me be straight with you. While the FPS is right up there as a favourite genre, and while I play every single player FPS I can get my hands on, I’ve never really had any time for multiplayer. Clearly for reviewing purposes I’ll play them, but for leisure? No interest. I’m not interested in being either beholden to anyone else, nor being let down by anyone else, and most of all, I’m not interested in sharing my hard work with anyone else. I’m a bastard that way.

With MMOs I find it’s different. Playing City of Heroes alone can be a rather lonely experience. Team up, with a good balance of powers, and it’s really rewarding. But it’s a game about constant progression, moving forward as a result of your efforts. That sense of narrative progression, for a reason I can’t quite pin down, excuses the game. This doesn’t change the fact, however, that I’d still far rather be able to play it on my own, and just get on with it my way.

The change of heart will follow.
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